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We would like to wish you a wonderful Summer Time!
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A very successful exhibition in Cairo! | 2019-12-05

STOP wasting money!

Stop wasting money! That was DISAB’s message during the AICCE24 exhibition, an exhibition targeting the cement industry for the Middle East region. On average, 10% of the production output of a cement company can be found as spillages around or in a cement plant. Without a proper action plan on how to recover this valuable material, it would be the same as throwing your money on the ground! By using a DISAB vacuum system the spillages could easily be recovered and put back into production, hence saving more than USD 50,000 each year.

DISAB has been exhibiting at previous AICCE exhibitions and as always, we received a very warm welcome by our current and potential new customers for this region. This year the exhibition took place in Cairo, Egypt. DISAB’s local sales representative for the Egyptian market joined us during these exhibition days in Cairo.