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Awards & Certifications

 ISO 9001:2015

DISAB Vacuum Technology AB has been registered by Intertek as coforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The management system is applicable to: Developing, manufacturing, performing maintenance, and promoting mobile vacuum equipment for suction, transport and/or removal of dust, industrial waste and other material for recycling and environmental improvements. Read our ISO Quality Policy here. 

DISAB's Environmental Policy

DISAB's core business is to develop and produce mobile and stationary vacuum equipment for environmental & industrial cleaning and material handling. We shall contribute to a reduced environmental impact by striving to reduce our business's environmental footprint and use of resources, increase our positive environmental impact and our employees' environmental awareness of our daily behavior.

Read the full version of our Environmental Policy here


Code of Conduct

Read our Code of Conduct here

 AAA Highest Creditworthiness

AAA – the highest rating a company can get. Requires that the company has an annual turnover of more than 2 million, has been in business for at least 10 years and has key figures that are significantly above the industry average. 


EUnited Municipal Equipment


DISABs DISA-CLEAN has been awarded a 4-star certification for PM10 and PM2.5. This is the highest rating according to EUnited Municipal Equipment new standards. 


Stichting Indutriële Reiniging (SIR)

The aim of SIR is to promote and regulate safe working in industrial cleaning situations. 

SSG Entre
SSG Entre is an industry standard for a safer work environment at industrial plants. With SSG Entre DISAB enrure we have the necessary knowledge in the areas of safety and work environment in order to perform work within industrial plants.