Bulk & Minerals

Bulk handling and minerals normally involve different forms of unloading, transportation, storage, and re-loading of raw material. Usually in huge volumes. Many of our customers that use minerals in their manufacturing and production processes find the dusts they create a major headache. Not only from the quantity that needs removing, but also from the Health & Safety perspective. 

Also, wherever you see harbor areas, bulk conveyors, or crushing plant in quarries and mining areas, you inevitably find spillages and large quantities of dust being generated. The same applies to silo storage areas and equipment, and loading stations, and plant for trucks or rail wagons. 


Recovering valuable material

DISAB vacuum system and solutions are used every day to recover valuable material and reduce the impact of dust throughout the local working environment. Some typical applications include:

  • Silo cleaning
  • Area/roadway cleaning and sweeping
  • Cleaning around bulk conveyors
  • Cleaning around crushing plant
  • Recovery of bulk material in large volumes within processing or loading areas

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Customer Testimonial:
We used the DISAB CompVAC™ pretty well every day, to clean out salt deposits, blockages and do all the general housekeeping around the plant, like cleaning out all the awkward spaces around and under machinery, conveyors, removing all the salt dust build-up on beams, and so on. The waste varies in dimension from dust a few microns wide to pea-sized flakes, and the suction power of the DISAB CompVAC™ vas simply ideal for sucking everything up and removing it into skips. Over the month we hired it, we must have removed around 15 to 20 tonnes of material!
- British Salt, UK