Who We Are

Company History

What started out in 1976 as a small company situated in the southern part of Sweden, has decades later grown into a large corporation with global presence. Throughout the years, DISAB has always had one clear mission: to provide dust-free industrial environments. 

Our expertise and experience when it comes to vacuum technology makes us the leader we are today. Every day we find new applications to where we can apply our knowledge and introducing vacuum technology to efficiently get the work done with a safe and cost effective solution.

Think Outside The Tank - Use Vacuum Technology For Your Next Application

We constantly evaluate how we can evolve our business and the way we use vacuum technology. Historically, the first thing that comes to peoples’ mind when thinking of vacuum technology within industrial applications, is most likely the ability to vacuum dry materials such as dust, dirt, and spillages. DISAB’s different vacuum system solutions are an excellent choice when it comes to removing dust & dirt and to recycling spillages back into production. However, vacuum technology is a great choice for so many more applications. Our different vacuum system solutions are designed for industrial wet and slurry applications as well. We continue to see new requests and demands for efficiently cleaning large areas and surfaces. Which is why we today have taken our expertise and experience within vacuum technology from an industrial setting out to the streets, introducing a new business unit focusing on Street & Area sweepers. 

DISAB continues to grow and we continue to develop solutions for new applications. Part of our growth and success have been to create long-term relationships, encouraging professional curiosity, and striving to make constant improvements.



DISAB timeline with important milestones
Dalby Industri Service AB (DISAB) was founded and later becomes DISAB Vacuum Technology AB.
DISAB Centurion™ product line is introduced on the market.
Gotland Ltd is founded.
TELLA System AB is founded.
First DISAB Centurion™ LN vacloader sold.
DISAB Centurion™ P model is introduced on the market.
First ADR vacloader sold.
DISAB Vacuum Technology AB acquires TELLA System AB and later becomes DISAB TELLA AB.
DISAB Sweepvac™ is introduced on the market.
DISAB Vacuum Technology AB moves to Eslöv, which becomes the base for the new headquarter.
First High-tip vacloader sold.
DISAB expands and opens an office and service center in UK by acquiring Gotland Ltd.
DISAB Fullflex hose boom is introduced on the market.
First ATEX vacloader sold.
Our service center in Heywood, UK opens.
Gotland is being rebranded to DISAB.
The first vacuum system for Hot Steel application is delivered.
Our 1 000 unit mobile vacloader is being sold and delivered.
The company DISAB Rental AB is formed in Sweden.
DISA-CLEAN is awarded 4 star PM10 and PM2.5 certification by EUnited Municipal.
DISAB UK installs its largest centralized vacuum system at 3 500 meters in Liverpool Docks.
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DISAB launches excavator boom DISAB MultiFLEX.