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Complete Vacuum Systems for all your needs

Disturbances in the production caused by dust and spillages can be very expensive for a company. DISAB offers industrial vacuum systems to clean and remove dust, and recycle spillages. Let DISAB be part of the solution by bringing costs down due to unforeseen production stops and spillages.

Throughout the years, DISAB has developed a unique expertise in vacuum technology. Our equipment and system solutions are used in various industrial applications, aimed primarily at dealing with wet & dry spillages, for cleaning plant sites, general housekeeping, collection of hazardous or toxic dusts, and the recovery of valuable material. 



DISAB Mobile Vacuum Systems DISAB Filter Separators DISAB Vacuum Units DISAB Semi-Mobile Vacuum Systems DISAB Pre-Separators DISAB Stationary Vacuum System

Mobile Vacuum Systems

Our mobile vacuum systems enable all kinds of waste management and fulfill all materials handling requirements regardless whether it is wet or dry.
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Semi-Mobile Vacuum Systems

Our semi-mobile vacuum systems are powerful yet compact self-contained units providing high levels of vacuum that can vacuuming fine dust and waste up to 40 mm.
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Stationary Vacuum Systems

Our stationary vacuum systems are custom-made and integrated into a fixed centralized piping system to make waste removal faster, easier and more efficient.
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