Street & Area Cleaning

DISA-CLEAN - The Dust Buster

Designed to efficiently use an advanced vacuum technology, the DISA-CLEAN creates a dust-free sweeping without the need of water or chemicals. The unique waterless & dust-free high vacuum cleaning street & area sweeper, DISA-CLEAN has been awarded the highest possible 4 star certification for PM10 and PM2.5 set by the EUnited Municipal Equipment standards. It proofs that DISA-CLEAN efficiently removes even the smallest particles, which constitutes a deadly health hazard in both cities and industries.

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It’s A GO For This Green Sweeper Solution
The DISA-CLEAN technology uses traditional brooms and side brushes, but uniquely encapsulated with vacuum aspiration, eliminating swirling dust around the brooms and brushes. What also makes this street sweeper unique to the market is that it does not use any water at all, as many of the conventional sweepers do. The waterless technology makes it possible not only to save huge volumes of often valuable water, but also to operate indoors in warehouses, and cleaning streets, roads, and area surfaces during winter conditions even in freezing temperatures.

With an operation speed of up to 20 km/h, DISA-CLEAN gives an impressive hourly capacity of up to 50 000 m2 when only vacuuming – a superior capacity compared to any conventional sweeper.


DISA-CLEAN: A New Approach To Cleaning Large Surfaces
There are many positive outcomes from using DISA-CLEAN. For instance, when used regularly, DISA-CLEAN eliminates the problem with hazardous dust & particles, both during and after sweeping compared to conventional methods. Using DISA-CLEAN keeps street & area surfaces clean all the way down into the cavities. Other positive features and benefits of DISA-CLEAN are:
  • Dry vacuum cleaning = permanently removes dust and PM10 & PM2.5 particles

  • No added water = no slippery slurry with particles left on the surface

  • Operates in cold climates = no risk of frozen street surfaces

  • Dust-free collection = No swirling dust cloud during and after operation

  • Unique 4-step filtration = No dust-filled process air coming out of the machine

  • Operational speed = up to 20 km/h

  • Continuous operation = No interruptions to refill water