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DISA-CLEAN blir PM10 och PM2.5 certifierad | 2018-05-14

Saving water with the new 4 star awarded PM10 and PM2.5

certified DISA-CLEAN

Munich/Germany, May 14, 2018 – The new sweeper generation DISA-CLEAN which is improving city air by permanently removing PM10 and PM2.5 has now been awarded a 4-star certification for PM10 and PM2.5. This is the highest rating according to EUnited Municipal Equipment new standards.
EUnited Municipal Equipment is representing the leading manufacturers of mobile machines used in municipalities and other areas. The EUnited PM test has been the undisputed European reference for the assessment of the fine particulate behavior of road sweepers for several years. Earlier this year EUnited announced that they will introduce a new certification for PM10 and PM2.5 for road sweepers.

DISA-CLEAN, a dust free sweeperfrom DISAB Vacuum Technology AB, underwent rigorous tests and is now certified with 4 stars according to EUnited new standards for PM10 and PM2.5. 

The DISA-CLEAN technology uses traditional brooms and side brushes, uniquely encapsulated with vacuum aspiration, eliminating swirling dust around the brooms and brushes. “Our DISA-CLEAN is unique to the market since it doesn’t use any water as many of the conventional sweepers do”, says Tomas Björk, Business Unit Manager for Road & Area Sweepers at DISAB. “This waterless technology makes it possible not only to save huge volumes of valuable drinking water, but also to operate by cleaning streets, roads, and area surfaces during winter conditions in freezing temperatures, below zero degrees”, Björk explains.

Directly behind the DISA-CLEAN’s broom system there is a specially designed powerful vacuum nozzle covering the full 2 500 mm width of the truck. It vacuums the surface with a suction power up to 1 600 kg, ensuring that also the finest particles (PM10 & PM2.5) will be removed all the way down the bottom of asphalt cavities. The material is being vacuumed into the specially designed 4-step separation / filter system tank where it is contained, ensuring that the exhaust air is filtered down to below PM2.5 particles.

With up to 10 km/h operational speed, DISA-CLEAN gives an impressive hourly capacity of up to 25 000 m2 vacuum cleaned and swept surface, and up to 50 000 m2 if vacuuming, only - a superior capacity compared to any conventional sweeper.
“We are obviously very pleased and proud of the astonishing test results. Being rewarded the highest level of certification is very impressive considering that DISA-CLEAN is operating without using water to suppress dust”, Björk concludes.
For more information please contact Marianne Guldberg (Head of Marketing at DISAB) at 
marianne.guldberg@disab.com or +46 79 349 51 51.