About Us

DISAB Partner Program

The goal of the DISAB Partner Program is to accelerate your business and drive unprecedented growth and profit by delivering superior, next generation vacuum based technology solution to your customers. The DISAB Partner Program is designed to create a stable partnership that stay mutually profitable during a longterm period. Every single one of or partners is important to us. As our partner, you are an important part of how we do businesses. We are dedicated in helping our partners grow. Because we believe that in order for us to be successful, our partners need to be successful as well.



Let's Grow Our Businesses Together!

Becoming a DISAB Partner provides you with great tools and support to help grow your business. DISAB Partner Program offers different Partner Levels for its Partners. The size of your business, your participation level, your ambitious are all different factors that will be taken into consideration when determine your annual Partner Level. Each level boosts your business by offering tools and support for your day-to-day work. We offer a variety of training programs, sales supporting web tools, marketing materials, and more.