DISAB Centurion P20 for sale
We offer a unique opportunity to purchase a new DISAB Centurion P20 with immediate delivery!
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DISAB Centurion P20 for sale | 2021-03-04

Immediate delivery of this new DISAB Centurion P20!

A DISAB vacloader is engineered and built to meet the highest market demands in the most challenging industrial environments. Our vacloaders have the ability to serve multiple applications in the everyday demands of various industries for collecting, transporting, and recovering materials. The powerful suction capacity makes it possible to transport material long distance, both horizontally and vertically through hoses and piping systems. The modern rotary pump’s capacity of up to 10,000 m3/h combined with the unique filter and an overall design to reduce the internal resistance in the machine, all adds up to an outstanding performance.
We currently offer a unique opportunity, selling this new DISAB Centurion P20 with immediate delivery. Its 12 m3 round tank makes it suitable for handling both wet and dry materials. Collected material is discharged by tipping the tank or pneumatically through a hose (suck and blow features). Learn more in our Tech Data Sheet. 

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Contact me today and learn more about how this DISAB Centurion P20 can help your company become more efficient and reach your financial goals! 

Christer Magnusson
Sales Director

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