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DISAB launches an excavator boom | 2019-09-18

DISAB had the world premiere of its new hose boom, DISAB MultiFLEX™ during the Entreprenad Live 2019 exhibition. 
Just like the name suggests, DISAB MultiFLEX™ is specially produced and designed for vacuum loaders which have to perform multiple tasks within different and varied areas of application. It can involve everything from sucking up and transporting material, to using a vacuum to excavate deep down in the ground for tasks such as exposing cables and pipes. Regardless of whether the material is wet or dry, cohesive or fine-grained, it can be handled by DISAB MultiFLEX™. DISAB MultiFLEX™ can handle anything that fits in a 10” hose.

DISAB MultiFLEX™ is the first excavator boom produced in Sweden and it has been manufactured using a high-tensile steel making it lighter and simultaneous extra strong to cope with all the challenges the market demands. SSAB has appointed DISAB MultiFLEX™ as a member of My Inner Strenx®, a quality certification for applications using Strenx® - steel.

DISAB has designed the hose boom with the operator in mind. An example of new feature is that the operators will experience a safer working environment as they can easily maneuver the hose boom using a joystick-radio, standing at a safe-distance from the vehicle.  

Read more about DISAB MultiFLEX™ here