DISAB vacuum system solutions reduce downtime caused by plant breakdown or interruption of the production process, enabling speedy repairs and minimal downtime. We have many years’ experience of applications for general housekeeping in power plants and power distribution for:
  • Cleaning “dead spaces” within boiler areas for maintenance and inspection
  • Dry removal of fly ash from the penthouse, inlet and outlet ducts of precipitators or bag houses, hoppers, louvres and stacks
  • Recovery of wet or dry coal spills in receiving, handling, and processing of coal
  • Removal of “blow sand” in desert substations

Maintenance Programs

It is common that maintenance programs within power stations and major industrial plants have to be carried out during shutdown periods. There is only a small window of opportunity for deep cleans within turbines and ducts to remove debris such as air pollution control residues. Our customers working within these enclosed controlled environments appreciate the ease of access and power given to them by DISAB units, along with the Health & Safety benefits. 

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Customer Testimonial:
Dust is a major issue and removing it from everywhere we can is a daily part of our operational regime. Besides its portability, the DISAB BagVAC™ is highly flexible and we can get pretty well anywhere we want to. Getting the DISAB BagVAC™ is one of the best investments we've made in general housekeeping standards, and it's making the working lives of my operatives much easier and safer as well.
- Newlincs Groupe