There are endless of applications to where DISAB machines and system solutions can be used in a cost effective way. The most common is cleaning and removal of dirt, dust and other process-based spillages in a major industrial plant sites. Spillages causes problems as it can:
  • have negative impact on production quality and output
  • mean the loss of valuable material
  • cause machine failures and increase both repair and downtime
  • have negative impact on work environment 
  • cause air pollution


A Dust-Free Solution

DISAB vacuum system solutions and street & area cleaning machines are the dust-free solution to cleaning, transporting, and recovering dirt, dust, and spillages. We have supplied our machines and vacuum cleaning equipment to major industries throughout the world. 

Our machines and system solutions are designed and engineered to handle dry, wet, and slurry materials. Our most common applications are within Cement, Aggregate, Energy, Municipality, and Contractor.


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We provide the solutions they need for a safe and effective waste management, whether they want to reclaim and reuse, or recover and remove the material.
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Cement & Concrete

We have helped a variety of cement producers and processors with cleaning and reclamation applications in areas such as bagging plants, silos, screening and crushing plants.
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Steel & Foundry

In any steel manufacturing or metallurgical process, dust and waste material can have a significant and negative impact on production quality, as well as downtime, and of course repair time.
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We have many years’ experience of applications for general housekeeping in power plants and power distribution to help reduce production downtime.
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Pulp & Paper

The treatment of raw material, the supply of local energy, and the core production process in the pulp and paper industry means a wide range of wet and dry applications.
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Bulk & Minerals

Bulk handling and minerals normally involve different forms of unloading, transportation, storage, and re-loading of raw material. Usually in huge volumes.
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Building Material

Our vacuum units and systems are used to turn problems into solutions for our customers in the building materials industry.
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More and more cities see an increase of air pollution caused by fine dust and hazardous PM10 and PM2.5 particulates.
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DISAB vacuum system solutions are used in a wide variety of industries for all sort of different applications.
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