Our Solutions

DISAB is on the forefront when it comes to vacuum technology and how to apply it in various industrial settings to keep dust, dirt, and spillages away. We design and manufacture a range of industrial vacuum systems and equipment, supplying companies both large and small in many different industrial sectors. Whether you need to reduce air pollutant or have dust, or silica issues (COSHH: Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), process spillage, cleaning or housekeeping requirements our systems provide the solution you need for safe dust and waste removal, spillage recovery, closed-loop recycling, pre-inspection clean ups, shutdowns and deep cleans. 


Improve Health & Safety And Housekeeping Standards
We take great pride in what we do and we have made it our mission to help customers improve Health & Safety and Housekeeping standards for COSHH, WEL (Workplace Exposure Limit), Occupational Exposure Standards, MEL (Maximum Exposure Limits), FEMAS, TASCC and many more.


Our high quality waste removal solutions are used across a range of industrial settings including ports, foundries & steelwork, power stations, quarries & mines, waste recycling, wood processing, concrete manufacture, building materials, paper, textiles, and municipalities. 

ATEX Vacuum System
DISAB manufactures ATEX vacuum systems for use in industrial settings that may contain, or have activities that produce, explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres. Examples include places where work activities create or release flammable gases or in workplaces handling fine organic dust such as grains, flour, wood, resins, plastics, coal, light metals, textiles and paper.

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DISAB Service Solutions

All our machines and equipment are supported by DISAB Service Solutions and include spare parts and accessories as well as training, service and support. Our equipment is available for purchase and short or long-term hire depending on your individual requirements. 

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Complete Vacuum Systems

Our system solutions are used in various industrial applications, aimed primarily at dealing with wet & dry spillages.
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Separate Units

The DISAB single units are defined as stand-alone products that must be used in conjunction with other DISAB vacuum systems and/or solutions.
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Street & Area Cleaning

In today’s environment, more and more cities and industrial plant sites are exploring an increase of air pollution and other hazardous particulates.
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