Pulp & Paper

The treatment of raw material, the supply of local energy, and the core production process in the pulp and paper industry means a wide range of wet and dry applications for DISAB vacuum system solutions in the pursuit of reduced downtime, improved quality, and the recycling of valuable material. 


Reduce The Amount Of Airborne Pollutants

Paper mills and processing plants often generate a huge amount of dust. We help many companies operating in these sectors to reduce the amount of airborne pollutants within their working environments, and to improve general housekeeping, especially in hard to reach areas around complex equipment. Typical applications are:

  • Cleaning around conveyors: wood bark removal, wood chip transport and storage
  • Ash removal and cleaning of boiler houses
  • General cleaning in lime stores and mixers
  • General cleaning of paper machines
  • Sediment cleaning in tanks and silos


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Customer Testimonial:
As a paper plant, we have serious challenge with paper dust removal. The extractors do what they can with airborne pollution, but the DISAB SkipVAC™ is absolutely first class for removing all the paper waste that builds up in pits and other places around the site. It also goes where the extractors can't, and it didn't matter whether the waste was dust or debris, or even wet or dry, the DISAB SkipVAC™ simply sucked it up and into its self-contained hopper.

- DS Smith, UK