Complete Vacuum Systems

Stationary Vacuum Systems for all your needs

DISAB offers industrial vacuum systems to clean and remove dust, and recycle spillages. Our stationary vacuum systems are a brilliant way to make waste removal faster, easier and more efficient. Our engineering team make a custom-made solution to integrate the fixed centralized vacuum system into existing or new buildings.  
DISAB offers a wide range of stationary vacuum systems for cleaning up dust as well as for transporting or recycling of process material spillage. We have all the elements for building a central vacuum cleaning system: Vacuum Units, Filter Separators, Pre-Separators, Pipe Systems, and all associated Cleaning Equipment.

Engineered Services

All of our projects are unique. Our engineering team will therefore custom make and implement the best possible and most cost effective solution based on material, size of building, pipe length etc. In conjunction to our stationary vacuum systems, we offer a broad range of Engineering Services. From specially designed vacuum conveying systems in industrial applications, to compete project management including pre-studies, analysis, design, performance, and tests.

In close collaboration with our customers, we make sure to reach and implement the best possible and most cost effective solution. By hiring us as a cooperation partner, you will get a grip of the whole process from the requirement analysis throughout the installation process. 

An Efficient Production

A stationary, central vacuum system from DISAB gives you a cleaner and more efficient production with a reduced maintenance cost. Our systems are always built with sustainability and easy service access in mind. For each system installation, we offer our customers help with:

  • System Design

  • Drawings

  • Planning

  • Installation supervision

  • On-site management

  • Complete installations

Unique Solutions

At DISAB we have installed over 5 000 vacuum systems globally. We have installed pipe work system from as little as 10 meters up to 3 500 meters long. In the last few years, we have also developed a unique technology which enables our system solution to deal with very specialized applications such as the Hot Material mainly used within the Steel industries.

Hot Material Application

The steel and metal industries are facing increased demands from the end users, authorities, and nearby communities to have action plans in place for how to reduce dust emissions.  This complete system from DISAB also meets the need for general cleaning within manufacturing sites and other areas, where it is vital to improve not only the working environment, but also the outdoor environment. 

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Customer Testimonial:
The installation of the DISAB centralized vacuum system has made all the difference. We can go to any part of the plant wherever the spillages are heaviest, or wherever the dust needs to be removed. All we have to do is to plug in the flexible suction hose to a conveniently located inlet valve, and it's a simple job to remove whatever dust or waste needs to be dealt with.
- Cory Environmental, UK



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