Steel & Foundry

In any steel manufacturing or metallurgical process, dust and waste material can have a significant and negative impact on production quality, as well as downtime, and of course repair time. 

Our machines and vacuum system solutions are primarily used to reduce the downtime resulting from plant breakdowns or interruptions caused by spillages. With every minute counting, the material must be removed quickly to get the system repaired and back in action. 

We have done several projects in foundries, blast furnaces, and coke plants to improve:

  • General housekeeping by cleaning around the working environment, crane bridges, and process filters
  • Levels of productivity according to Health & Safety
  • Recovery of spillages from around conveyor belts, mixers, crushers, and unloading areas
Hot Material Application
DISAB has many years’ experience of material handling and vacuum technology and now we have developed a new technology to handle hot material. This method has been used within the steel industry to remove the ash from the concrete formwork. Our unique system can handle material up to 600°C and eliminate dust build-ups while improve the general cleaning and housekeeping within the manufacturing sites and surrounding areas, where it is vital to improve not only the working environment, but also the outdoor environment.



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Customer Testimonial:
The DISAB SkipVAC™ suction power means an operative can clean around the arc welding machines, down the pits and around the cable trays and conveyor lines. There are all sorts of awkward places you need to get to, in order to clean away the waste material. The DISAB SkipVAC™ maximizes the time spent on cleaning and housekeeping, and compared to the way we used to do things, we are far more effective and efficient now. 
- Tata Steel, UK